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Our Story

Every year, students with intellectual disabilities between the ages of 18 and 22 graduate in school districts all over the country. For the first two decades of their life, the students and their family have benefited from the routine and support provided by the public school system.

Graduation is a huge turning point for these students as they transition into adulthood, yet so many of them lose the support and momentum that brought them to that point in their lives.

Life before the sparrow project

After graduation, there are limited options in most communities for these individuals and their families. Some go to adult day cares, and others go to sheltered workshops. Few work part time jobs and many, if independent enough, are forced to stay home, alone or with a caregiver. Some families give up an entire income so that one parent can stay home with their adult child.

Life after The
sparrow project

This project began when a few families of young adults with intellectual disabilities began discussing the limited options for our adult children. The families on the ground floor of this project are as diverse as the disabilities of their children. The common denominator? We all believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have a meaningful life.

Make a difference

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our programs are made possible by donations!

We believeĀ  everyone deserves the opportunity to have a meaningfulĀ life.